2016 Schedule


Below you will find the entire schedule for the 2016 FilmQuest Festival. Included are film screening times and dates, panels, workshops, parties, and events. Most events will happen at the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres, unless otherwise listed. All screenings will include a Q&A if filmmakers are in attendance.

Tickets are available HERE, or on our 2016 TICKETS PAGE. You can also visit the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres website for all your ticket needs.  Each block below has also been hyperlinked directly to its listing on the Megaplex website.

Note that the schedule is subject to change.


Master Schedule

Film Block Schedule

Program Guide PDF


Friday, June 17
1:00 PM @Megaplex
Begins

3:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 1
“Music Video/Web Series #1”
AFK: The Webseries, Dark Specter, Antheum’s Way, Diggin On’, Echoes, Saturday Morning, The Keys, Sundays, Good Morning, Tonight! , Italian Justice, Feel It, Low, So In Love, Through My Street, The First Musketeer, The Ship of Fools

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Red Carpet

6:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 2
“Utah Shorts”
Guardian, Legacy of the Force, Lonely Night, Mine, Polk Photography, Remember, Theatre Noir, The Paradox, The Surface, Deadly is the Woman

7:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 3
“Opening Night Live!”
Muddy Corman (World Premiere), Link: Shadow of Light, World’s Best Ski Hotel, Eye of the Storm

10:30 PM @ Joe’s Crab Shack
Opening Night Dinner

Saturday, June 18
11:30 AM @ Megaplex
Block 4
“Animated/Family Shorts #1”
Gentleman Explorer, Honorio, JIBi, Disconnect, Simorgh, David Mills, Resilience, Three Fools, Fruit, Fishing, Sharpen, Snacktime, Stand Still, Target Acquired, Tink!, Balloon, The Misadventures of Chubzilla, The Serach for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt, Viva Lucha, Theodora

2:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 5
“Rapid Fire Shorts: 10 Minutes or Less”
The Prince of Nothing, The Treatment, Thump, Sleeping Wonder, Roadside Assistance, Hit & Run, Mute, Goodbye, West Side Swordy, Shadows, Collider, Da Vinci Project, Sea Child, Zoe, Earworm, Lure

4:30 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 1
A Woman’s Touch – Women in Genre

5:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 6
“Murder She Wrote – Shorts”
The Stylist, The Babysitter Murders, Oh, Darling, Eternal Coma, 1994, Don’t Let Them In, Clones, A King’s Betrayal, Iris, My Nemesis

7:00 PM @ Megaplex
Big Red Carpet

8:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 7
“Shortwave Signal”
Shortwave (Utah Premiere), Kookie, Night of the Slasher

10:30 PM @ Megaplex
Opening Weekend Filmmaker Party
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office
Open to Public

Sunday, June 19
11:00 AM @ Club 90
Filmmaker Luncheon

2:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 8
“Snake Eater”
Man Vs. Snake: The Story of Nibbler (Utah Premiere), Indigo

4:00 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 2
Minorities in Genre – Past, Present, Future

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 9
“Bear Hug”
Bear With Us (USA Premiere), Amy, Open 24 Hours, How Deep Can I Go?

8:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 10
Ctrl Alt Delete (Utah Premiere), Martian American

11:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 11
“Nightmare Fuel”
The Blackout Experiments, 20 Matches, Shutter, Texas Paranormalists

Monday, June 20
12:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 12
“The Horrors of a Fantastic Mind – Horror & Fantastic Shorts”
Surgery, Vardoger, Abyss, Legend of Dark Rider, The Fisherman, The Run

12:00 PM @ Broadview University
Dameon Clarkes Voiceover Workshop
$125 per person, 15 students max
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office

3:00 PM @Megaplex
Block 13
“Die Laughing – Comedy & Dark Comedy Shorts”
Suck It Up, The Barber’s Cut, Shiner, Crush, Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, Already Dead, Sing for Your Supper, Code Blue: A Love Story

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Red Carpet

6:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 14
“Who ‘Dun It?”
Dead Body (Utah Premiere), Karkass Karts, Quenottes (Pearlies)

8:00 PM @ Megaplex
Red Carpet – Space Themed
Dress up in a space/sci-fi themed outfit!
Open to Public

9:00 PM @ Megaplex
LIVE Rock Opera w/SVC + Block 15
“Mini Sci-Fi Shorts”
The Trap, Sputnik, Future Boyfriend, The White Room, Teacher in a Box
Ticket Tiers available at Megaplex Box Office
Dress up in your best sci-fi/space themed outfit!
Public VERY welcome

11:00 PM @ Megaplex
Space Themed Party Extravaganza
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office
Dress up in your best sci-fi/space themed outfit!
Public VERY welcome

Tuesday, June 21
12:00 PM @ Avrec Art House, SLC
Filmmaking Symposium & State of Genre Cinema
Tour of Avrec Art House, Open to Public

4:00 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 3
Practical Effects in the 21st Century

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 16
“Something Evil Stirs”
The Fostering (USA Premiere), Blight, Dryad

8:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 17
The Village of Middlevale (Utah Premiere), Silence of the Siren, Goblin Queen

10:00 PM – 2:00 AM @ Laser Quest (Midvale)
FilmQuest Lazer Tag Party
$20 Per Person, Open to Public

Wednesday, June 22
11:00 AM @ Megaplex
The DNA of Screenwriting w/ Crit Killen

2:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 18
“The Illogic of Logical Minds – Sci-Fi Shorts”
Artificial, Bionic Girl, Jakob, Of Mice and Men, The Edge, Wasteworld, Replacement Protocol

4:00 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 4
Worlds That Don’t Exist – Writing for Genre

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 19
“Shorts Explosion!!!”
Devil’s Halo, Kitchen, Move Me, Elle, Exit Plans, Aden, Then and Again

8:00PM @ Megaplex
Block 20
“FilmQuest Express + Shorts”
FQ Teams 1 – 8, Chasm, Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon, Replika, Whisper

10:00 PM @ All-Star Bowling & Entertainment
Bowling Social w/Avrec Art House & Utah Women in Film
Bowling, Food, Games & Friends

Thursday, June 23
11:00 AM @ Park City Film Studios
PC Film Studio Tour

2:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 21
“Music Video/Web Series #2”
Matt Pond PA (Take Me With You/Emptiness), The Cops Don’t Know, The Love is Gone, Ren: The Girl with the Mark, Thornbrook, Dorkcore, Hey You, It’s Me, LARPs, Outpost, Step Down from It, DoomsDate, Legend of the Lich Lord

4:00 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 5
Get Your Film Made in Utah – Why It Makes Sense

5:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 22
“Grab Bag of Mischief – Shorts”
Substance, The Sun Devil and the Princess, Burned, Heir, The Session, Chateau Sauvignon: terroir, Animal

7:00 PM @ Megaplex
80’s Themed Red Carpet
Wear your best 80’s outfit and be seen!

8:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 23
“Space Fever”
Capsule (USA Premiere), They Will All Die in Space

10:30 @ Megaplex
80’s Themed Throwback Thursday Dance Party
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office
Dress up in your Throwback 80’s Best!
Open to Public

Friday, June 24
11:30 AM @ Megaplex
Psycho Live Film Analysis with Prof. Alex Nibley

2:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 24
“Red Curtains & Luchadors”
Curtain (Utah Premiere), Una Mujer Sin Peico 1961, Brentwood Strangler

4:00 PM @ Megaplex
Panel 6
They Call Me “Famous”

6:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 25
“Time Bandits”
Diverge (Utah Premiere), Battle of Wills, Ellie, reStart

7:30 PM @ Megaplex
Red Carpet

9:00 PM @ Megaplex
Block 26
“The Rotten”
Chicago Rot (World Premiere), Year of the Snake, Lucifer’s Song, The Great Silence

12:00 AM @ Megaplex
Block 27
Midnight Madness!!!
“Shorts – Don’t Show Your Mom”
Paloma, Dickproof 2, Madre de Dios, When Susurrus Stirs, Gwilliam, Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol, Manoman, Slow Creep, Die! Sitter! Die!: Rupert, The Fisherman’s Wife, Luxure (Lust)

Saturday, June 25
11:00 AM @ Megaplex
Block 28
“Animated/Family Shorts #2”
Chhaya, Taking the Plunge, Chains, Fulfilament, L’Americano Returns, Clouds, Let’s Go, Dispatch, Eloise, little dreamer, Breathe, Circle, Frankenstein’s Light, Lost Girl, Alien Antics!

1:30 PM @ Megaplex
Live Cast Reading of William Shakespeare’s “Star Wars”

3:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 29
“Noir Town”
No Way to Live (World Premiere), The Lotus Gun

6:30 PM @ Megaplex
Block 30
“Closing Night”
Virtual Revolution (Utah Premiere), Portal to Hell!!!

8:30 PM @ Megaplex
Pre-Awards Red Carpet

9:30 PM @ Megaplex
Awards Show
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office

11:00 PM @ Megaplex
Closing Night Party
Closing Night Red Carpet
Tickets available at Megaplex Box Office