The FAQ section is a constant work in progress as more and more questions are asked about the festival. Feel free to check and see if a question you have about the fest is answered here before you give us an email or call.

What is FilmQuest?
FilmQuest is a film festival centered around the Fantastic, and celebrates the best independent sci-fi, fantasy, and horror cinema in the world over 9 days of screenings, parties, events, workshops, panels and more in Utah each summer.

Should I submit my film?
Absolutely. If you made a genre based film, animated film, music video, web series, or wrote a screenplay, FilmQuest is for you!

Does a Judge watch my film all the way through?
Yes. While we receive over a thousand submissions each year, making it impossible for any one judge to watch every film all the way through, there is at least one judge that is a part of the selection committee that does. More often than not, a film will be screened by more than one judge. However, every film is either screened completely or reviewed in brief by the Directors of the festival to verify the assessment of each judge for each film before Official Selections are made.

What disqualifies my film?
If your film is older than 3 years 1/2 years old by the time your film would be screened at FilmQuest (for example, you made released a film in 2013, and want to try to play in the 2017 FilmQuest), we would not consider your film. Also, films of the adult cinema or XXX variety would not be considered. We also rarely accept films that are not genre based (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc.), and we would discourage you from submitting your film to the festival if it is not genre.

Is there a time limit for my film?
No. However, we consider Feature Films to start at a run time of 41 minutes and over. We consider Short Films to be 40 minutes and under.

I made a music video! Can I submit it to FilmQuest?
Yes, you can. We accept music videos, and consider them to be a unique enough category that we can be a little bit looser with the genre classifications in music videos than other categories. We also accept other less common categories such as Animated Films and Web Series.

How about Commercials or Fan Films?
As of the 2017 season, we no longer accept Commercials or Fan Films for consideration in FilmQuest.

What is FilmQuest Express?
FilmQuest Express is a one week filmmaking competition hosted at the festival. All films and teams made for the competition are guaranteed a screening at the festival. To enter, the fee is $100, and the film must world premiere at FilmQuest before it can be released. It’s a fun way to get involved with the festival if you happen to not have a film ready for consideration for a given year. More information can be found on the FilmQuest Express page on the website.

Can I get a fee waiver or discount?
In the past, we have rarely given away fee waivers or submission discounts. Moving forward we will not. FilmQuest is much more affordable than most film festivals, and has been designed to be so in order to allow those with tighter submission budgets to submit their work to the festival. That’s why MovieMaker named us a film festival worth the entry fee, because of the incredible value we give films in relation to the fees they pay. We highly encourage filmmakers to budget festival submissions when they are making their films. However, if we personally invite you to submit your film to our festival, we will provide you a submission discount or waiver.

Unlike film festivals overseas, and in some cities/states in the USA, most film festivals in the USA are not state funded or operated. Perhaps this is something we can do in the future, but until that day, we must take a submission fee to pay for the costs of awards, venue, events, etc.

We do have flash discounts from time to time, which are announced on FilmFreeway and provided through them. So if you need a waiver or discount, wait for one of those to be announced and send us your film then.

How do you grade films?
FilmQuest takes its submissions 100% exclusively through FilmFreeway. We have several categories that we judge films in. They are (when applicable): Originality/Creativity, Direction, Writing, Cinematography, Performances, Editing, Sound, Music, Visual Effects , Makeup , Art Direction/Production Design, Costumes, Production Value, and Pacing.

How do you grade screenplays?
We use a third party in CoverFly and WeScreenplay, organizations comprised of professional script readers, that judges and ranks the screenplays based on story, execution, formatting, pacing, etc. None of our judges or jury reads or judges the screenplay competitions outside of our third party partners of professional script readers.

What do you look for in a film? We’ve heard about your track record for high-quality selections. What’s that mean?
There’s several things we’re looking for in a film, and make no mistake, story is king. But that’s not actually where we begin. We start with production quality. Audiences are more hip and savvy today than ever before, and they know that a low budget no longer means low quality productions. After we look at the overall production value of the film (while still keeping an open mind to limitations, budgets, etc.), we then weed out the best of the best through story. With story and production values in tow, we can then look at the final deciding factors such as originality, length, duration, genre, performances, etc. to help us make our final decisions. In a nutshell, it’s 60% story, 30% production value, 8% other factors, and 2% pop sensibility.

Aw, man! We didn’t get acccepted! You suck! Why?!
There are many reasons why a film may not be accepted into FilmQuest, and none of the reasons should be taken personally.  Sometimes a film submitted to us does isn’t a genre film and thus doesn’t qualify for our clearly defined themes and mission of the festival. Sometimes a short film is too long, and by taking it we would have to reject several other films. Sometimes, despite all our wants and desires behind the scenes, we just don’t have enough space to program a film no matter how much we may want to. Sometimes we program a film over another because we feel our audiences would react better to it. The point is, there are many, many reasons a film may or may not be accepted into FilmQuest.

We also have to factor in that we are a Fantastic themed festival, meaning we have to program several films in the categories of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, comedy, etc. Thus, we have to have a perfect balance between all the genres to create what we hope is the ideal FilmQuest each season.

Again, we feel it bares repeating that we do in fact have at least one judge watch your film in its entirety. More often than not, there are several. Know that we have thought long and hard about all our decisions, and that we do not take sending out rejections lightly. Yes, sometimes it is easier to accept or reject films than others, but that’s not the point. The point is that all are graded fairly and given a fair shot at being an Official Selection of FilmQuest.

Also worth noting is that we have had on more than one occasion rejected a film that was resubmitted the following year that was not only accepted, but also an eventual award winner. We also recommend films that we did not accept, yet thought very highly off, to other festivals. So there is always hope no matter the result.

Uh-oh! We submitted our project to your festival by accident. Can we get a refund?
The answer is a definitive maybe. We are quite clear about the goals, mission, and theme of our festival, and consider any submission to our festival a clear understanding of what FilmQuest is. So if you submit to us then we take that as a sign that you are more than willing to have your project considered by FilmQuest for inclusion. If you do want a refund, we suggest you withdraw your film first from consideration via FilmFreeway and then contact them for your refund before coming to us for one.

Are there tie-breakers?
Two part answer. When reviewing films for consideration into the festival, there are tie-breakers. They are often determined through any number of various means, the most common being whether the film is a genre film or not. After that, tie-breakers are broken through either the length of the film, another judge reviewing the two films, etc.

The second part of the answer applies to the awards judging during the festival. In the case of a tie, a new judge is brought into the category to determine a winner once and for all.

Can I get a duplicate FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy?
Yes, you can! If you are a past winner of a FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy and want a duplicate, we can put you in touch with Society Awards who will arrange the creation of a duplicate. However, the cost is on you, and we take no money out of the transaction as you will be dealing the Society Awards directly.

Do you pay for flight or hotel accommodations?
No. While we do have hotel discounts available through the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Provo, and sometimes other partners, that is all we have arranged and provided. So please, don’t ask for flight or hotel coverages from us outside of the discounts we provide through our partners, as we won’t be able to accommodate that.

I’d like to Volunteer. How can I?
Click on our “Volunteers” tab and fill out the form, and we’ll put you down as a Volunteer for our festival. Volunteers get many perks, including free screenings, access to parties, swag, and an exclusive shirt while working at the fest.

Are you hiring? How can I work for FilmQuest?
Currently, we are not. However, we are always interested in those who would like to work with FilmQuest, intern, or gain experience in the film industry. If you feel this applies to you, or if you have more questions and inquiries about working for FilmQuest, send us an email through our contact form found on our “Contact” page. This being said, we are looking into expanding our staff each year.