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FilmQuest: Prepare for Fantastic

SANDY, Utah (December 17, 2014) – FilmQuest, Utah’s 2nd biggest film festival, largest summer film event, and City Weekly’s Arty Award winner for “Best New Film Festival,” announced today the dates for the second edition of the Festival, which will take place over the course of nine days starting Thursday, June 18th, 2015 through Saturday, June 27th, 2015. After a hugely successful first year which saw filmmakers from around the globe converge upon Salt Lake City for the inaugural FilmQuest Festival, organizers have ambitious plans to make it even bigger and better in 2015, making further announcements that included a special screening of a ‘lost’ film, celebrity judges, and more.

“For FilmQuest’s first year, we had roughly four months to put the festival together,” said Jonathan Martin, Festival Director of FilmQuest. “In that incredibly short span, we received over 500 film and screenplay submissions, a hugely unprecedented number to receive for a first year festival with literally no history behind it. From that, we became Utah’s 2nd biggest festival, behind only Sundance, by the amount of films we screened. Filmmakers responded to our vision of what we were creating: a genre festival like no other that rewarded filmmakers with a world class award, the FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy, prize monies, quality screening venues, a celebrity jury, and so much more.” For the 2014 Festival, such celebrity jurors included Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), Dameon Clarke (Dragonball Z, Borderlands 2) and Amrita Acharia (Game of Thrones).

Martin continued, “FilmQuest 2015 is going to be badder, grander, and even more ambitious. We’re on pace to more than double the amount of submissions we received last year, and already filmmakers from around the globe are making plans to attend. What we have in store for festival attendees and the local film industry will be a game changer for what people can expect for the future of film in Utah.”

One of the major announcements for the 2015 festival is a special screening of the rarely seen Spanish supernatural classic The Dead, the Devil and the Flesh. The screening will be attended by the film’s director, Jose Oliveira, with a planned Q&A. “To our knowledge, the last time the film was screened in public was at Sitges, Spain in 2011,” Martin said. “The last known screening in Utah was nearly 15 years ago.” Released to great success in Spain in 1974, the film has become near legendary in the world of Fantastic cinema due to its strong Mormon themes and ‘elusive’ status. Martin adds, “In Mormon cinema especially, the film has obtained a near ‘mythical’ reputation due to Jose’s incredible personal story, the film’s abrupt obscurity, and for being way ahead of its time. There’s truly nothing like it to be found anywhere in the world of Mormon, or Fantastic, cinema.”

Also announced and confirmed to be returning to the celebrity jury this year is Doug Jones. Joining him is Scream Queen Carlee Baker; best known for her role in the Sundance hit The Woman. “Doug and Carlee are just the beginning,” added Martin. “We’re working on bringing even bigger names and talent to FilmQuest in 2015, people who can help transform the careers of those who choose to come out and participate in our planned events with them. We have workshops, even more screenings, and many other incredible opportunities planned in the coming months.” Martin teases, “We also have a major anniversary screening we can’t quite announce that we’re planning to pull all the stops for that will be the hottest ticket in town.”

On display at the presentation was the beautiful FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy. FilmQuest awards its festival winners with the coveted FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy, an awe-inspiring 12-inch tall statue crafted by Society Awards, the same makers of the Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and other such prestigious awards. Designed by Hollywood effects artist, and Utah native, Ryan K. Peterson, the award has quickly become one of the most prized on the festival circuit. Says Martin, “In many ways, the FilmQuest Cthulhu Trophy is quickly becoming the Oscar of genre film festivals.”

Jonathan Martin closed with, “These are exciting times for all lovers of film in Utah and the world, and FilmQuest is going to be a go-to destination for such events for years to come.”

The 2015 FilmQuest Festival will begin June 18th, 2015 and end June 27th, 2015 at the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres. Filmmakers can submit their film or screenplay for consideration into the Festival via

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FilmQuest is the second biggest film festival in Utah. This is based on the number of film’s we screen coupled with the amount of days the Festival runs.


With less than 4 months to take submissions, FilmQuest received over 500 film and screenplay submissions. This is a huge number for a first year film festival to achieve, as most film festivals, let alone first year fests, fail to reach half that number of submissions on an annual basis.


Salt Lake City Weekly awarded FilmQuest with the “Best New Film Festival” Arty Award in 2014. FilmQuest also won a Davey Award for advertising for the FilmQuest: Prepare for Fantastic spot.


The Director of the Festival, Jonathan Martin is a Provo based award winning filmmaker. His film “An Evening with My Comatose Mother” is the most awarded horror short film of all-time, and he has gained a reputation as a creative and imaginative filmmaker in the state. His production company, Bohemian Industries, has been recognized with over 90 awards since 2011.

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