Meet the Team

FilmQuest is a festival for filmmakers by filmmakers. Explore who we are and what we’ve done that helps us make FilmQuest the best fest possible for you.

JONATHAN MARTINFounder & Director – Jonathan is first and foremost a filmmaker. His first narrative short, An Evening with My Comatose Mother, is the most awarded horror short film of all-time. The film won 76 festival and industry awards and played at over 100 film festivals. Jonathan is also the owner of Bohemian Industries, a production company focused on delivering unique and original stories and content in all genres of cinema. His music videos, Muscle Hawk’s Electric Light and Shaun Canon’s I’ll Always Be Young, are multiple award winners themselves. In 2016, he’ll be releasing the dark fantasy short film Kiss the Devil in the Dark (starring Doug Jones, Dameon Clarke, and Amrita Acharia), the music videos Demons and Yelpy’s Shine, and the Jack the Ripper meets Bride of Frankenstein Hammer style mashup short Creatures of Whitechapel.

With FilmQuest, Jonathan has tried to build the ultimate festival experience. Having been to and seen how many festivals of all makes and sizes operate, Jonathan hopes to take the festival game to the next level and deliver to all who come to FilmQuest an experience they won’t forget. A festival where there is no pretentiousness, no fluff, and all fun. But also a festival that enriches and helps propel filmmakers on their journey to becoming what they dream of, that encourages and promotes films and filmmakers in all categories while staying focused on the majesty of genre cinema.

Feel free to email Jonathan personally via or at

JONNA JACKSONAssistant Director & Production Manager – Jonna is no stranger to managing large events, Jonna has over 20 years of managing concerts for major rock bands like The Eagles, Jack White, Fear Factory and many more. She has also served as the Production Manager for the world famous Screamfest Horror Film Festival in LA the past seven years, where many have come to affectionately know her as “Red.”  Through such experiences, Jonna has now become a top notch script editor & consultant for several filmmakers, while also serving as the top  District  Manager for The Body Shop. Jonna and Jonathan became immediate best friends when they met at the 2011 Screamfest, and have since supported each other’s projects. A hard working, fun, yet to-the-point woman, Jonna is a firecracker on the FilmQuest team. Feel free to email Jonna via

RICHARD TEASDALEDeputy Director – An award winning editor, Richard was brought on board to FilmQuest as soon as it was founded. He and Jonathan have edited several projects together, and Richard more than anybody on the team appreciates the art of good editing and structure. A level headed individual, Richard brings stability and honesty to all his work.

CAROLYN TEASDALESpecial Events Coordinator – Richard’s wife, Carolyn has helped FilmQuest create a brand new social media identity that creates interaction and fun for FilmQuest alumni, fans, and audiences. She also helps conduct filmmaker interviews, helps create the monthly newsletter, and is a strong backbone and supporter of the Utah film industry and FilmQuest in general.

MARIO DEANGELISPanel & Workshops Coordinator/Moderator – Mario is an accomplished filmmaker, and the founder of the Salty Horror International Film Festival. With FilmQuest’s acquisition of Salty, Mario has come fully on board FilmQuest to make sure that the panels and workshops are top notch experiences, well-researched, enlightening, and worth audiences time and attention. Be sure to introduce yourself to Mario at each festival, and keep him in the loop with the happenings as your career progresses so we can be sure to include you at future events… or perhaps Mario may just include you in one of his future film productions!

AMBRIA POWELL – Sponsorship Coordinator – Joining the FilmQuest team in 2017, Ambria is an award winning film makeup and FX artist, wardrobe stylist and freelance art advisor, Ambria has been actively working in the film industry for four years, and is now finding opportunities to see her fine art and film worlds collide in unique and collaborative ways. Ambria is excited to see FilmQuest moving to her hometown of Provo, a community buzzing with talented creatives where it will emerge as one of the nation’s leading festivals.

MATTHEW LONG – FilmQuest Express Coordinator – Well known and respected in the Utah film industry, Matthew is the owner of Underfunded Film Productions, a film rental house that provides the best rates available to filmmakers for equipment rentals that allows any and all filmmakers to realize their filmmaking dreams. Matthew organized the Underfunded Film Festival, which has since merged with FilmQuest to create an even better event. Matthew is passionate about ensuring filmmakers are able to make the best film possible and the best budget available, no matter how big or small each film is.

TINA THORUPHospitality Coordinator – A Casting Director by day, Tina has helped establish herself in the Utah community as having one of the best eyes for talent in the region. She has worked extensively with Jonathan Martin on his films, casting talent that has gone on to win numerous festival and industry accolades for their performances. Tina is also a great people person, ensuring that every need is provided for. She will work to ensure that filmmakers are able to find their way around Utah, providing detailed information on rates, hotels, travel costs, and events for FilmQuest guests.

JENNY EVANSVolunteer Coordinator – One of the original faces of FilmQuest, Jenny has worked extensively behind the scenes with our volunteers and Jonna to provide a smooth, great experience for everyone involved. Jenny brings a dynamic skill set to the table, and has recently begun Assistant Directing productions on the area, elevating her status within the Utah film community.