FilmQuest has also been recognized for its own share of accolades. We have sought to have the hard work of the many artists and talents who helped bring the vision of FilmQuest to life gain recognition. In so doing we too have been fortunate enough to be recognized for our endeavors. Listed below is a listing of the accolades FilmQuest has received since its inception.

MovieMaker Magazine
50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, 2015

Best New Film Festival
Salt Lake City Weekly Arty Awards, 2015

Award of Excellence – Commercial/Industrial
Accolade Competition, 2015

Award of Excellence – Commercial/Infomercial
Best Shorts Competition, 2015

Silver Davey Award – Achievement in Commercial
Davey Awards, 2015

Award of Distinction – Commercial/Industrial
Communicator Awards, 2015

Best Commercial/Industrial
Filmed in Utah Awards, 2015

Best Costumes
Filmed in Utah Awards, 2015

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